A Different Type of Birthday Present

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s 241st birthday, I have found myself reflecting on this experiment in freedom that we as a people have been able to experience. America has, over the decades, tended to be a very giving country. Our people have big, caring hearts. Perhaps it’s due to our Puritan heritage, “It is better to give than to receive.” Or, it might be the Golden Rule that we were always reminded of as children that states: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Whatever the impetus, over the centuries, we have received that message and the tendency to give is a part of our day to day life.

Over the past years, the term giving-back has worked its way into becoming part of our cultural norm. Though the act of giving isn’t quite new (we used to call it philanthropy), today, young and old alike are expressing their gratitude for what they have by looking for ways to share their blessings with those less fortunate. It’s a lovely thing to see. And something for all of us of which to be proud. Nashville, like our country, is a very giving community. If you were here for the great flood of 2010, you know of which I speak. But it’s the day-to-day giving, the behind the scenes acts of kinds, that we may not see, that many might find quite astounding if they were made aware.

The myriad of charitable families, individuals, and organizations in our town is more than impressive. Charity Navigator brings up over 811 listings when you simply search “Nashville” alone. On top of that when you consider the long list of annual fund-raisers, give-back products, giving-stores, and a plethora of other options available to locals, it’s enough to make one’s head spin. It’s a wonderful “problem” to have—to say the least.

Obviously, I am in no position to compete with this amazing data. However, it does allow me to consider and count my blessings, and search for a way that I too might be a part of this “giving” phenomenon. What I am grateful for this month is for those of you who refer me to your precious family, friends, and colleagues. I am always touched by the faith and trust you place in me to assist those who are facing very important life decisions, like buying or selling your home. It’s truly humbling.

With that, in celebration of our nations upcoming birthday, and is the American spirit of giving, I’d like to make this pledge to you. For those of you who send me a referral that transitions into a closed transaction, I would to like give $150 to your charity of choice. I hope you receive this small token of my sincere appreciation. We can’t wait to play a small part in continuing the legacy of not only this amazing town but of our beloved homeland. Happy Birthday, America! — Lydia

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