Eclipse Day!

What an exciting week for our city! If you had the privilege of being in Nashville, you were most likely attending an Eclipse Party or you were outside with the rest of metro Nashville and the outlying areas wearing your Eclipse Approved Glasses and waiting for the moment of totality.

As Nashville was the biggest major city in the Eclipse path, the streets flooded with people awaiting this very unique event. It was fascinating to witness the Eclipse of a lifetime —literally! The last coast-to-coast Eclipse happened 99 years ago. Additionally, the last total Eclipse to pass through Nashville occurred in 1478. It was a special day for our beloved city to say the least! Watching the Moon's shadow move slowly in front to the sun was truly a spectacular and awe inspiring moment. It is certainly hard to imagine it happened at about 1,800 miles per hour! Although Nashville was not far from the southern limit of the path, we still received a nice 1 minute and 57 seconds of nighttime experience. We were so thankful that the weather held and it could not have more fully cooperated.

We continue to be amazed at how Nashville has not only remained in the national spotlight over the last few years, but how our Music City has come to find itself being mentioned on the international stage, as well.

If you are a current resident, we know you are thoroughly enjoying this wonderful phenomenon. If you are planning to relocate to the Nashville area, there couldn’t be a more unique and opportune time to do so!


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